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Hello, there! I am Kremena, 22 years old Freelance UI/UX, Web Designer and Developer, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have Bachelor Degree in Design and apart from being a Freelancer, I am also working as a WordPress Developer in a Digital Agency called Agma Studio and I am currently developing my own agency. I understand that the design is the sum of all things. However, I think that my design adventure is just starting.  

I am passionate about creating usable digital products that are enjoyable and easy to use. Starting with making a logo or whole branding book and ending with excellent UI/UX Design and Web Development, I am able to help you with your project on every step. I am a hard worker with high ambitions. I like being challenged and I am highly flexible.  My number one priority is to help a company or a product to grow and achieving this is always making me very happy. 


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